So - why does Soho need saving anyway?



Are you fed up with all of the excess traffic in Soho?    What Soho urgently needs is pedestrian priority works to calm and limit traffic level, and give more priority to pedestrians. 


Soho – the heart and soul of London – with its unique vibrancy – is being destroyed by the sheer volume of excess traffic speeding down its narrow lanes and streets. 


Soho is a fantastic place for cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs.  Yet, there is barely space for the many workers and visitors to the area, as the road space is completely  biased towards vehicular traffic.   This is despite the massive number of pedestrians there. 


§ Just imagine…..having some decent pavement space to be able to sit outside a café or bar in Soho.


§ Think about being able to saunter along these streets without having to jump out of the way of a speeding black cab. 


§ Imagine a drink or meal outside – without being choked by traffic fumes or disturbed by traffic noise.



The current treatment of Soho is a shame and an embarrassment to London.  We should have streets that we are proud of and can enjoy, especially in an historic area like Soho.  Instead, us pedestrians have lower priority than traffic.  We want more space to be able to relax and enjoy this potentially fantastic and unique area.   



each of these photos illustrates the problem with Soho - the streets do not sufficietly meet the needs of the vast numbers of visitors to the area, but instead favour rat-running traffic. 









inaction response from Westminster on petition

May 2012


take 30 seconds to save Soho (sorry petition now closed)

Feb 2012


Soho in Urgent Need of Action 

Nov 2011


Westminster Council Petition started

November 2011


Businesses call for

Regular Traffic Free Days

Autumn 2011


Long Awaited Improvements Planned for Berwick St Area

July 2011


Pedestrian Speed Lanes Proposed
August 2010 



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Soho's historic streets are not designed for large vehicles or heavy traffic - yet that's what we get.    Westminster Council should be ashamed  with their neglect of this unique area.

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